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Landscape Paintings

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Explore NOVICA's Landscape Paintings Collection. Discover original artworks from watercolor sketches to abstract, expressionist and realist canvases in our unique collection of one-of-a-kind and limited-edition contemporary and traditional landscapes created by the finest established and upcoming artists from around the world.

Spotlight on Landscape Paintings

Nature's majesty has inspired artists throughout the ages. We see landscapes in ancient Egyptian art, although they serve as backgrounds to activities such as a hippopotamus hunt. Landscapes as frescos decorated Roman villas and, by the 4th century, such paintings were a tradition in the Far East where they held a spiritual meaning. The Middle Ages saw landscape art come into its own. An early-13th century manuscript of Carmina Burana depicts a stylized Spring Landscape. Sultan Mohammed II's 14th century Summer Landscape depicts lush trees growing along a river that flows through a dry and hilly desert. Dürer is credited with developing the landscape as a theme of its own; Impressionists and those who followed all interpreted beautiful panoramas of hills, plains, rivers, seas and mountains. Novica artists bring their own vision to nature paintings. Wayan Rana and Made Artini's exquisite portraits of Bali depict the island as a paradise on earth. J. Simoes Lopes realistically captures Brazil's tropical beauty. Seksan Sing-on and Prachuap Chaikham-udom look at elements up close with a photographic realism. For Det and Puntip Fooyat, Thailand's skies are a source of endless inspiration. And L. Ferreira and Raphael Nercessian depict the many moods of the sea.

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