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Jewelry Sets

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Explore NOVICA's Jewelry Sets Collection. Discover unique designs, handcrafted by global artisans. Ranging from classic to contemporary, our jewelry sets are perfect for any gifting occasion including 'to self'.

Jewelry Sets

Artisans around the world create extraordinary jewelry collections inspired by their respective country's arts and traditions. They craft them of gold or silver; wood or ceramic; natural gemstones and even dried gourds. With Novica's gallery of handmade Jewelry Sets we hope to make it easier for you to match each artisan's original style.

Decorative mate gourds have a long artistic tradition in Peru, where they are crafted as home ornaments, including jewelry boxes. We are proud to showcase sets of necklaces and earrings adorned with hand-engraved dried gourds.

Colorful Dichroic glass jewelry sets mirror Mexico's mastery of glass techniques, including hand-blown wine glasses especially admired as unique corporate gifts.

Beaded jewelry sets from Thailand are threaded by hand with glistening gemstones, including pearl necklaces and earrings. The Novica Jewelry Set Collection is designed with world arts in mind.
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