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Explore NOVICA's Earrings Collection. Discover unique designs, handcrafted by global artisans. From simple silver studs to beautifully embellished golden chandeliers, you will find traditional and contemporary styles designed to delight those seeking something different.

Handmade Gemstone Earrings

The earliest forms of earrings date back to the Bronze Age and ever since then, their use has been dictated by social values and trends. In ancient Egypt, earrings for men denoted status, whereas in Greece and Rome earrings were only worn by women. In fact, it was the Greeks who developed the pendant type – little figures of Cupid were the most popular. Men's earrings were fashionable in Elizabethan England, and for centuries simple hoop earrings were associated with sailors and gypsies. The earring was first made of bone, metal, and wood; the Sumerians introduced the use of precious stones. The 1960's impacted jewelry styles, a happy advent for designers around the world! Novica's vast earrings collection hosts a variety of styles and materials. There are dangle earrings from Indonesia and India that lure with their exotic elegance, while Thai and Brazilian hoop earrings range from tribal and ethnic to modern-day chic. Silver filigree chandelier earrings recall Andean grandeur, while Mexican designers channel Frida Kahlo and Picasso with button earrings. Materials such as dichroic glass and art glass evidence designers' unlimited imagination, while flowers, hearts, butterflies and stars captivate with their reverence for nature. We hope you enjoy!
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