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Surrealist Paintings

Welcome to Novica's Surrealist Painting Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our unique surrealist paintings below:

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Popular Surrealist Paintings

Surrealist Paintings

Always startling, surreal art is original and thought-provoking; it celebrates idiosyncrasy. The original intent of the movement was to free the mind from the restrictions of convention and rationality. Artistic methods of liberating the imagination drew on Freud's work with dream association and the hidden unconscious. Arising from the Dada or anti-art movement following World War I, the surrealist movement issued its own manifesto in 1924.

Novica artists convey a vast variety of personal visions in the surrealist painting. Teodoro Reque Liza brings a luminous geometry to architecture paintings and landscapes drawn from the Peruvian coast. Miriam Chipana adds elements of pre-Hispanic art to bright, mixed media canvases. Instilled with a dreamy beauty, Marita Peña Mora's portraits and music paintings explore themes such as angels and goddesses in everyday scenes.

Novica, in association with National Geographic, invites you to discover one-of-a-kind surrealist paintings at incredible prices, showcasing the art of talented artists from around the world.

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