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Blue Candle Holders

Welcome to the Blue Candle Holder Collection at NOVICA! Please enjoy discovering our unique blue candle holders below:

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Popular Blue Candle Holders

Blue Candle Holders

The color blue brings a sense of serenity and peace. The Blue Candle Holders collection from NOVICA allows you to create a calm balance in the room. These beautiful candleholders are made with ceramics, glass, and a variety of metals. Each of them is handcrafted so they have a unique touch to each of them. The use and construction of candleholders are different depending on where they are made. For example, Duangkamol, creator of the “Reclining Blue Elephant” candleholder hopes that through his work, he can tell the many stories which go into each piece. NOVICA hopes you enjoy our collection of Blue Candle Holders.
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