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Vermeil jewelry is beautifully created by plating sterling silver with gold. However, in order for jewelry to obtain the title of vermeil it must meet certain requirements. For example, the sterling silver cannot be covered in any other base metal before plating it with a fine thickness of 10-karat gold. The combination of sterling silver and gold was first developed in France in the 1700s by a process known as fire-gilding. In the 1800s, France banned the process because of the physical harm it caused to silversmiths. Today the safest way to produce vermeil is by a process known as electrolysis. The White House features its very own Vermeil Room, decorated with fine vermeil tableware including the work of British silversmith Paul Storr. At Novica, we have also gathered a fine collection of vermeil jewelry handcrafted by talented artisans around the world. Enjoy our jewelry gallery of vermeil, ranging from beautiful gemstone covered necklaces to our elegant gold plated rose quartz drop earrings.
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