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Carnelian Pendant

Welcome to Novica's Carnelian Pendant Gallery! Please enjoy exploring our one-of-a-kind carnelian pendants showcased below:

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The Carnelian Pendant

Admire how the fiery glow of carnelian creates a powerful contrast with the cool sheen of silver, in Novica's vast collection of pendant necklaces. In India, wearing a carnelian pendant was thought to bring good luck, and today's designers showcase the mythical gem in myriad styles, alone or with other sparkling gems.

In mystical lore, carnelian is regarded as the birthstone for the Virgo born, along with jade. We invite you to consider carnelian pendants as personalized gifts.

Fascinated by carnelian's various orange hues, Lilly Rahmann in Thailand and Alicia de la Paz in Mexico design elegant jewelry sets that sparkle with original sophistication.
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