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Topaz Necklace(28 items)

Welcome to Novica's Topaz Necklace Collection! Please take a moment to explore our topaz necklaces showcased below:

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The Topaz Necklace

Topaz occurs in a range of colors. The clear gemstone is thought to take its name from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning "fire." Blue topaz is linked to spiritual growth and creative expression, and is the Texas state gemstone. The traditional November birthstone, yellow topaz is a symbol of friendship and the state stone for Utah.

Novica's topaz necklace comes in a variety of styles. From the chain and pendant necklace to sumptuous beaded necklaces, topaz goes everywhere with refinement and style. Naturally, you'll find topaz bracelets, rings and earrings to complement them, all designed and crafted by hand.

Our Topaz Necklace Collection is meticulously created by talented artisans and silversmiths from around the world. The majority of these necklaces incorporate sterling silver settings with topaz accents. They are available in a wide range of designs and styles, including trendy chokers and Y necklaces for your enjoyment.

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