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Peruvian Earrings

Welcome to Novica's Gallery of Peruvian Earrings! We hope you enjoy exploring our one-of-a-kind Peruvian earrings below:

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Peruvian Earrings

While handwoven textiles, rugs and tapestries have long been highly developed Peruvian art forms, the Andes are rich in gold and silver. The pre-Inca Chimu people were skilled metal workers and their artisans wore earrings. Moche, or Inca boys received earplugs after passing tests of endurance; the Moche created sophisticated jewelry with seashell and gemstone inlay. This ancient tradition continues today, as can be seen in Novica's Peruvian Earrings Gallery.

Our talented jewelers and designers offer a wide array of styles in their handcrafted earring selection. Sodalite and Andean opal are favorite gems along with serpentine and chrysocolla. Novica's Peruvian artisans often use .950 rating silver, an alloy with a greater silver content than sterling. Strands of pure silver are utilized in the region's traditional filigree work, and gold vermeil designs are also crafted.

From contemporary to pre-Hispanic designs, Novica's Peruvian Earrings Gallery has something for every taste. Please enjoy exploring our gorgeous collection.

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