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Novica's vast collection of chalcedony jewelry reflects the gem's spectrum of color that makes the gem known under other names such as agate, jasper and carnelian, amongst others. Mined throughout the world, it is a small wonder it has inspired a plethora of designs and styles.

Native Americans considered chalcedony a sacred stone that inspires brotherhood and goodwill. In mystical lore, it is said to harmonize mind, body and spirit. Sky blue chalcedony falls like raindrops from Khun Boom's silver dangle earrings and Yaw Abora Asante's dazzling handmade jewelry sets.

In Veronique's trendy y necklaces, chalcedony is aligned with bright colorful gems whereas Neeru Goel prefers to use chalcedony as the backdrop of silver ornamentation in her original pendant jewelry.
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