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Tiger Eye Bracelet

Welcome to Novica's Tiger Eye Bracelet Gallery! Kindly enjoy exploring our gleaming tiger's eye bracelets below:

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The Tiger Eye Bracelet

Thought to attract beauty and abundance, tiger's eye is linked to harmony, stability and practical wisdom. The golden brown stone possesses a unique characteristic called chatoyancy, that is, a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light. It is not faceted, but polished to showcase this beautiful feature of the natural gem.

Mined mostly in South Africa, the stone's honeyed tones make it prized in jewelry. The tiger's eye bracelet is an elegant addition to any jewelry collection. From Nyoman Suarjana's lavish beaded bracelets to Ritu's delightful anklets, each hand-crafted design is as unique as the jeweler who created it.

Novica introduces its Tiger Eye Bracelet Collection brought to you by gifted artisans and jewelry designers from around the world. Our tiger's eye bracelets feature primarily sterling silver settings. They are available in styles such as tennis, square, and animal themed designs, and can be complemented with tiger's eye rings, necklaces and seductive drop earrings. We hope you enjoy!

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