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Beaded Jewelry

Most probably the first beaded jewelry came to be when someone found a shell or stone with a perforation and decided to string it. Fast forward to present day and discover what artisans around the world are creating in Novica’s fascinating Beaded Jewelry collection – Welcome!

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Popular Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded earrings, beaded bracelets, and beaded necklaces galore! With materials as diverse as natural gems and recycled paper, beaded jewelry lends an original detail to a personal style. Artisans preserve millenary beading practices from their communities – did you know that throughout Africa, beads were bequeathed from mother to daughter? Artisans’ creativity knows no end, not only in design but in the crafting of the beads themselves: batik on bone, hand-carved ceramic and soapstone, recycled paper and plastic! Now you know why this Beaded Jewelry collection is one of Novica’s sensational treasures!
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