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The Wristlet

Novica is proud to present a Wristlet Collection featuring handcrafted handbags produced by some of the world's most gifted designers. We offer our wristlets in wide variety of materials including wool, cotton, and soda pop-top.

Neide Ambrosio is a Brazilian designer whose unique purses are featured in our gallery of wristlets. She crochets her handbags with pop-tops from aluminum cans to affirm the notion of environmental responsibility. These eco-friendly accessories offer a chic, stylish interpretation of the clutch handbag.

Bhurabhai is an Indian artisan who employs the embroidery and needlework in his creation of the wristlet. His threadwork and use of sequins showcase the distinctive styles prevalent in India, a country which which is renowned for its unique renditions of the beaded handbag and beaded evening bag.

We hope you enjoy!
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