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Wood Decorative Boxes

Welcome to NOVICA’s Decorative Wood Box Collection. Crafted by the loving hands of local artisans, these decorative wooden boxes will add a taste of the exotic to any home.

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Popular Wood Decorative Boxes

Wood Decorative Boxes

For thousands of years man has used the simple wooden box as not only a storage container, but a piece of ornamentation as well. The decorative wooden box was probably the first piece of home decoration to be used by humans, Throughout the world, from Central Asia to Central America the decorative wood box has evolved to become more than just a container. Puzzle boxes, decorative wooden boxes of rich mahogany and lacquer have adorned the homes of peoples , rich and poor, from Thailand to the Andes, the artists and craftsmen of each region creating and adding their own individual and regional touches to each one. The Decorative Wooden Box - a true piece of practical art the world over.
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