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Lacquerware Boxes

Welcome to NOVICA's Lacquerware Box Collection. Please have fun exploring all of our lovely lacquerware boxes below:

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Popular Lacquerware Boxes

Lacquerware Boxes

They say good things come in small packages and NOVICA's Lacquerware Box collection is no exception. With nothing short of masterful craftsmanship, our featured pieces are gently hand painted with intricate motifs such as ruby stars and emerald blossoms and of course have a gorgeous, glossy finish. Some have animal themes such as birds, butterflies and cats. Our collection also includes boxes in unique shapes such as apples and octagons and are made from bamboo and wood. Perhaps the best feature of our lacquerware decorative boxes is their versatility. They are perfect for keeping jewelry or other small treasures safe or on a office desk to hold supplies like rubber bands and paper clips. They also make a extraordinary gift!
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